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Phone: (217) 422-5298

Jeremy Doolin Disposal

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Totes will be delivered at the end of January. We have a list going for the ones that want one, and we can remove your old one as well.

Basic Service

Collection of ONE garbage cart/tote: $23.50/month service fee, $0 garbage tote/cart, $0 recycling tote/cart - NOTHING outside the cans.

Expanded Basic Service

Collection of TWO garbage carts/totes: $34.50/month service fee, $0 garbage totes/carts, $0 recycling tote/cart - NOTHING outside the cans.

Each additional can (after 2) will be charged $11.00/each per month.

Landscape / Yard Waste

Included in Basic Residential Service is unlimited yard waste removal for 6 weeks in the spring and 6 weeks in the fall, at times set by the city (since climate changes can influence the “best” time for yard waste collection). The city will provide notice of the start times in the spring and fall. If no notice is given, it should be assumed that the six-week period in the spring will start April 1, and on November 1 in the fall.

To receive yard waste removal services all year round, you will need to secure premium yard waste service from whatever hauler you choose. You are not required to use your assigned garbage hauler for premium yard waste service. $10.00/Month or $120.00/ Annually.

Additional Disposal

Bags of garbage left on top of, or adjacent to, approved tote/containers will be collected by the hauler/licensee, but the hauler may assess a five -dollar ($5.00) fee for each such bag on the next bill. If extra garbage and debris not fitting into totes and approved containers is not bagged, the fee for collection and disposal will be as per the hauler’s posted rates for excess overage (if not agreed to in advance by the customer) and must be photographically documented by the hauler in conjunction with billing.

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